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17 July 2005


Sister School

I continue to be confused and disgruntled by the scheduling system. I fear it because I don't understand it. I don't understand it because I refuse to let my brain comprehend such a plaguey system.

So what are you taking?


For the Fall, I'm registered for Administrative Law (Silberman), Environmental Law (Lazarus), International Law I (Brooks), International Human Rights Colloquium, and Recent Books on the Constitution.

For the Spring, I'm registered for Constitutional Litigation and Criminal Law, Economic Justice Seminar, Health Care Law and Economics, Higher Education Law, and Law and Philosophy Seminar.

What I take--that depends on whether I get anything from a waitlist. Since I likely won't, this will probably be my final schedule.


Nice, sounds good. We even have a couple classes together (yay). I'm in the Env. Law with you as well as Law and Phi Sem in the spring. I have committed to attacking the wait list this Sunday. Sigh.

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