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02 August 2005


Scott Scheule

"How can it be that I, so young, I, only one year in law school (a place for mediocre argument, mostly) can see so much wrong?"

Well, Pragmatist, you're not exactly the average one year. Moreover, though you may not be standing on Hume's shoulders, but rather his corpse, perhaps you are still standing on the shoulders of Hume's "killers." That is to say, are these criticisms of past giants original with you, or have you learned and adapted them from other greats?


Well, I see plenty wrong in, e.g., Hume, in ways that I haven't seen anyone else articulate. I'm sure that many of them have already been hashed out in the secondary literature with which I'm not adequately familiar.

My point is that I and many many others do indeed, in our smallest works, outdo Hume, but that this is because of the learning and adaptation you note and probably not because we are any smarter than Hume.

Scott Scheule

You're surely right.

And isn't that a wonderful aspect of progress and knowledge?

(Let us mind our hubris though, lest we forget that we will become the corpses of tomorrow.)

I'm reminded of the Buddhist saying:

If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.

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