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04 October 2005



It's interesting that you mention this, as I've been touting it myself recently. I wonder if Miers isn't a strategic (Rove is a genius) play on the administration's part to lock the opposition into another appointment later down the road. I wonder if they aren't trying to get the Dems to play their card now so that they can bring out the "real" nomination later.

The other is a notion I read... somewhere.. (maybe ambivalent imbrolio?) that mentioned the fact that a lot of the short listers took themselves off the nomination list because of the intense adversarial nature of the proceedings and the pressure it would put on them and their families.



A horse walks into a bar and the bartender asks, "Why the long face?"
Horse says, "Because Harriet Miers is underqualified."

Hehe. Never get tired of that one.

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